Grip for 'F Virtue' music video 'Licence & Registration'

Filming 'Hammershills' promtional video

Boom operator at 'Forefront Event'

Filming 'Lucky Honey' promotion video

Time Lapse with 'The Timelapse Group' at 'Cycle For Survival', Times Square

Filming 'No Fa$e' and 'Fast Lanes' for their latest 'Hitta Music' singles

Filming 'Phil The Magic Man' in Times Square

'Síoraí' screened at the Lalor weekend September 30th

Filming at this event September 17

On the set of 'Stacked Up TV' Pilot

On set of "Wishing Well Brooklyn" as videographer/still photographer

On set of "SF Olympics"

Beauty shoot for "Sephora"

Videographer for "Soul Purpose"

On set of "Harvey" pilot

Filming "The Natives Are Getting Restless" August

Síoraí screened in Australia July 9 - September 11

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Filming at this event July 23

On the set of "Civic Mind"

Filming at this event June 4

Photographing at this every Tuesday

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Filming at this event May 9

Filming at this event May 7

Exhibition opening Saturday February 27th

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Filming Friday February 26th

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Filming Saturday February 13th

Filming Saturday January 9

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